About us

Hello to all animal lovers! My name is Jen Schurrer, and I am the owner of Pet Supply Port. I am happily married and our combined household just keeps growing! The six of us, myself, my husband Brian, his son Louie, and my two, Noah and Cadence and our daughter Phoenix. Along with our pets always seems to be expanding.

I started my career in the pet industry at the age of sixteen. The store at that time was Pet Mart and was located in my old location, by the Sentry in Port Washington. Pet Mart was sold, and I continued to work for the new owner. One day he came to me and asked, ” Jen would you be interested in having your own store?” I was shocked. Being twenty years old and having to go to a bank to get a loan was pretty scary. All went well, and on May 1, 1999, I was the new owner of Pet Supply Port.

During my stay at the Port Washington location, I worked many hours trying to bring in products my clients needed. I can proudly say that I was one of the first retailers in Ozaukee county to promote Canidae dog food and Felidae cat food . In 2005, the owner of Conservancy Court came to me and asked if I would move. “No way!” was my first thought, but on October 31, 2005, we moved the store. I have found the City of Saukville to be very welcoming. For the move, I had help from my family and friends. We were closed for only one day.

We have loved being in Conservancy Court. This location has many stores that has benefited our customers. Papa Murphy’s, Sherwin Williams, and The Salons Of Conservancy Court are some of the great neighbors I have. I, for one, have to thank all the customers who have continued to shop here. Your support is huge.

My staff includes: Debbie-my mother, Andrea, Amber, Justin, Erin, and Victoria. We are here and would love to help you meet all your animal’s needs. Customers come first. I strive to have any product that you might need. Some stores balk at doing special orders. Special orders are mandatory at Pet Supply Port to give our customers and their loved ones what they need. My store is grounded upon high quality, affordable products and personal individualized customer service. Our pets are our kids. We have two French Bulldogs, one who is a rescue, a rescue kitten from Two-Left Paws. We just love on them. I feel that if you feed them good food they will be healthier. Studies show that pets make us live longer. In turn, we should do our best to make their lives better. I provide free pet food consultations, so please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.